GB TECH provides an outstanding software support service, both for systems developed in-house and for systems also developed by third parties. Undoubtedly, we take away the risk of supporting your own systems and extend the life of your software.
What do you benefit from our software maintenance services:
• We tailor our commercial model and resourcing pattern to your project so you can keep your costs down.
• Our flexible resourcing and responsive team is dedicated in mitigating business risk with prompt action
• We also provide excellent training in our processes to ensure customer focus in boosting their business
• We are faithful to our staffs who have acquire in many years experiences and knowledge to assist clients
Supporting Third-party Systems
• Like many of our customers, you may have commissioned an expensive system, and then found your supplier to be no longer able to provide effective software maintenance. We can help you to take the stress off to your current supplier and give you back your peace of mind.
• The quality of our staff means we ramp up rapidly on unfamiliar systems and provide helpful, thorough and highly responsive software support from the moment of handover. Our emphasis on quality also means we always leave your codebase in a better state than we found it. This increases the quality of your software and reduces your costs over time.
Featured case study: Software support team has successfully resolve complex process within various clients such as: JWC Accounting Firm, BrandMark, PSC Consultancy