server room and data center

A Hosted Desktop, known as a Cloud or Virtual Desktop, allows the client to work ‘Anywhere Anytime’, with their business applications, data, email and software packages never leaving their fingertips.
The end-user experience of using a hosted desktop is identical to that of a desktop PC – it looks, feels and behaves in exactly the same way, regardless of where you are working.
Joining the cloud via a Hosted Desktop is ideal for any company that is due to refresh its infrastructure or is fed up of constant IT problems & expenditure. Renting hosted desktops vs. purchasing on-site servers to run your business means you will never have to worry about the age or reliability of your IT infrastructure again.
Hosted Desktop enables ‘true’ remote working with constant access to all of your email & applications, whilst safe in the knowledge that your data is securely backed up in our ultra-secure data centre.
Eradicating the need for continuous management & monitoring of IT – expensive hardware, software upgrades, license renewals and external IT support can all be removed.
Our fully encrypted, hosted desktop infrastructure is built upon the highest grade servers for maximum performance, resilience and speed. This result in clients often finding that our hosted desktop environment offers better performance the client traditional setup.
Dynamic monthly billing delivers our hosted desktop solution ‘as a Service’ and includes daily backups, business continuity and DR services as standard for ultimate ‘peace of mind’.
Benefits of a Hosted Desktop:
• User experience is often better than traditional desktop
• ‘Anywhere Anytime’ access to your hosted desktop
• Combine the IT infrastructure of multiple offices
• Additional users and services can be added at 24 hours’ notice
• Spend less time managing and maintaining your IT
• Centralised management of user profiles
• Allows employees to bring their own device
• Move office or scale your business to any size without effort or investment in IT
• No data is stored on local devices – removing the risk of theft or loss