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GB AKADEMIA is the Business Unit operating in Academic Consultancy & International Students Recruitment Services. We have been operating in the Education market counselling with our local partners FOGEC for over a decade. Our main objective is to bridge the gap between prospective students willing to further their education abroad with highly respected accredited academic institutions, Colleges and Universities in the UK and other Europeans Countries.

GB AKADEMIA & amp;FOGEC provide personalized services. Our local partner takes time to visit all local schools/Colleges and Universities to have an in depth understanding of their programs and feed us back with accurate information. During the academic year and prior to final exams results our local partner launches many students’ fairs, workshops, and exhibitions across the country to select talented students willing to further their education abroad and make sure that their sponsors parents/relatives are aware of all necessary information in terms of funding/school fees,  enrollment,  immigration requirements etc…

At our end here in the UK, we also take time to select accredited education institutions, Colleges and Universities and have a thorough understanding of their various programs and their respective fees that enable us to convey the accurate information to our local partners.

We offer a full Student Service Package:

  • Students counselling
  • Application preparation
  • Interview Preparation
  • Welfare Advisory –Immigration Guidances
  • Airport Pick up Service
  • Accommodation Services
  • Student Assistance for the first 30 days
  • Follow up with parent and relatives back home
  • Our best students are offered Internship/Work placements in their respective fields.