The Team

Jean-Paul wafo
CEO/Managing Partner

Tauqeer Abas  
BA Hons(software Engineering)
MSc Marketing& Management
Head of IT department

Dr. Alexis Foua
Ph.D. in International Law
LLM, International Comparative & Business Law
Senior Academic Consultant

Christopher Natson
BA Hons(Mechanical Engineering)
Certificate in Sales, Marketing & Management
Operations Director

Chavda Mayo   
BA Hons(software Engineering)
MSc Marketing & Management

Povilas Uogintas
BA Hons(Graphic Design)
Web designer, external consultant

R Brookes
BA Hons( Journalism)
Head of Media & Communication

ACP (Africa Caribbean Pacific) Contacts
Steve Ngambia (Sales, strategy development)

Nazaire Yetgwe(Marketing & Business strategy)