Universities Exchange Programs

Globalebridge Ltd believes that Exchange programs are the unique opportunity offered to International students to immerse in a new academic culture while earning academic credit. We are working with various Universities in UK which have given us the possibility to assist students willing to come to UK for further education or for exchange programs. Please always check with your University whether there is any existing exchange agreement, if not you can always contact us and we do the rest.

The exchange program has made the combined degree unique. Nowadays, there is an increase demand across all academic disciplines and in the workforce for world-wide collaboration and communication.

The Student Exchange Program will provide you with the opportunity to study at another institution in regular classes, with local students and to earn credits toward your degree.

You will still be registered with your initial local University as student while you are in UK, so you will gain the international exposure that will make you competitive in today’s fierce employment market.

Our partner institutions are amongst the Top 50 UK Universities and Business Schools with great academic program and excellent lecturers.

Summer Internship

The Summer Internship Programme is a great opportunity for every student to test the working environment here in London. All our interns are closely supervised by their line managers. Our training programmes are well prepared ahead and communicated to the students prior to their starting dates. Although the internship is unpaid, top students who perform well always receive some incentives from the host companies when they are satisfied.

Finding a good graduate job is always hard but the internship seems the right way throughwhich a good student who has performed well can always secure a good job after her/his first experience through Globalebridge Ltd.

Many of our interns have testified that after their internship in London through our organisation they have found their dream job without difficulty. Our internship programme runs for the whole year. You can start your placement when you want and where you want in UK. Our partners companies need students all the time. Just apply and the rest will follow.