Linguistic Holiday with short English course

  • learning by immersion for all
  • accommodation+restaurant + visit all en un
  • holiday club for kids
  • shoping for parents and networking

Holiday mixed with language joy

Think outside the box: Learning a language wouldn’t be easier without using it outside a classroom environment. All our programs already include dealing with a social network provides by Globalebridge which is an informal way to further practice your target language in an outside-classroom environment but in a more tailored and structured way.

Moreover, our holiday linguistic programs also include at NO COST the possibility to use your target language in a informal and extensive way during a number of activities such as wine tasting, giving a Presentation, going to the movies, visiting local library, distributing flyers, having dinner in an exquisite restaurant, watching and discussing TV news or exploring local attractions while speaking the target language with your instructor.

Parents will enjoy their linguistic holiday through a social network provided by globalebridge. Children will be enrolled with after school clubs and will participate in many activities from sanderela, white snow etc… Retired people will be paired up with British retired ones to play bolls, walk to local pub, visiting local bingo premises, sharing experience etc.

Stress free with parent who got kids. Having children does not mean that parents holidays are spoilt Globalebridge will bring you a piece of mind  by enrolling you kids in selected after school clubs or holiday clubs while parents are out there shopping. London tour + guide will be part of the learning strategy.

Our target customers:

  • individuals willing to discover the British way of life
  • couple with or without children
  • children dropped in by parents
  • Retired people or pensioners willing to kill their time with joy in UK

Learning process: via social and professional network, no formal class room teaching, events in the parks, concerts, pubs, Seminars, open discussion about career orientation, business, politic, economic workshop etc.

Kids will learn through art and crafts, playing games such scrabble, monopoly, Britannia; treasure hunting, music activities, theatre, cinema, entrepreneurial; Visiting museum and gallery, London tour and coach tours etc. For any quote : please contact us for a price; this price depends on the package.