Intensive English Course

Our Intensive English Programme offers students the opportunity to study in a small group, where they will receive individual attention by the group teacher. This fast track course will assist students who wish to have an accelerated start to their English Programme before their starting date in the host company. With a maximum of 12 students per class, students will progress faster with more individual support. The programme includes some one-to-one lessons per week and an exclusive London Excursion. through our accredited partners we are specialise in short intensive courses designed to give you the skills and confidence to secure your first internship position with your host company without  any language barrier.

Our staff and team of trainers have decades of experience in the English teaching field, thus ensuring you the best possible training through our informative, practical and fun courses. Here is what an average day looks like for our students in internship in London.

  • few minutes presentation/personnel profile
  • listening phonic DVD for the right pronunciation
  • Pronunciation and listening skills
  • Washing movies and documentaries
  • Vocabulary and Verb tense instruction Sentence structure
  • Integrated grammar skills application
  • English reading and writing
  • Discussion, themes, presentation etc.

 An intensive programme designed for students who will benefit from the extra attention possible in a small class taught by our more experienced teachers.

Course schedule

  • 12 students per class
  • 20 lessons General English plus modules
  • Exclusive Social Programme
  • Well equipped classrooms

Total: 20 hours/w + Activities

The General English course is for all levels and helps you to improve in all areas of English. You will learn new grammar and vocabulary as well as revising what you already know. There is extensive practice of all skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing, with a strong emphasis on speaking fluently and with clear pronunciation this will enable you to communicate effectively and with confidence.

Your teacher will help you to become more accurate by correcting your spoken and written errors. You will have plenty of opportunity to practise and consolidate your English in class. You will work in pairs and groups, as well as with the whole class, as this gives the maximum time for oral practice.

At the end of each week, you will revise what you have learnt and there is a progress test as you go along; followed by a face-to-face meeting with your teacher, to give you feedback and advice for future studies. The lessons are based on your course book, but your teacher will also use other materials to ensure that the content is useful and interesting for you. Your teacher is there to guide and support you with your learning. You can choose to study:

  • 20 lessons per week
  • 28 lessons per week (+ specific module lessons and extra activities)
  • 32 lessons per week (+ module lessons and extra activities)

General English classes are available at all levels, ranging from beginner to proficiency.


Modules are a great way to increase the level of your English quickly. They allow you to study more intensively and focus on specific needs. Once you are in London you will be able to choose the best course for you. We currently offert

Conversation Module

Level: All levels

Improve your conversational English by practising speaking, listening, with the correct pronunciation and vocabulary you will become more fluent and confident when speaking English.

Writing Module

Level: All level Elementary to Advanced

Improve your writing for daily life and also for  your own pride. Learn how to write formal and informal letters, emails and texts, stories and poems etc. The course will provide you with a model text and give you practice in the writing process and the type of language used

Pronunciation Module

Level: Elementary to Intermediate

Practise pronunciation to speak more clearly and be easily understood. This module will also help your listening and make you a more effective and confident communicator. You will learn the individual sounds of English and the other features of pronunciation, such as intonation and sentence stress.

English for Business Module

Level: Pre-intermediate to Advanced

This will give you a taste of Business English or extra practice if you are taking Business English as a main class. You will explore common business topics, develop your business vocabulary and practise common business scenario.

English at Work place

Level: Intermediate to Advance

This module is for you if you need English in your workplace. Tell your teacher what type of organisation you would like to be. Through some themes you will learn different terminologies and vocabulary  from how to get a job to what to do in work situations like using the telephone, emails, meetings, small talk etc.