GB Tech has many years of experience in Document and Data Management and leading provider of solution-based technology. We offer a full range of business process, workflow solutions (including software and hardware), providing Electronic Document Management (EDM) services to SME and large companies across emerging market.
Our consultative, platform-agnostic approach to Document Management Systems (DMS) will ensure your business chooses the very best solution to meet your specific requirements, which will result in increased productivity and considerable cost reductions.

Our focus is on delivering tailor-made solutions to clients seeking to simplify their physical and electronic document workflow. We pride ourselves on understanding your business needs and seamlessly integrating our EDM solutions to ensure quantifiable results.
We seek to engage with your business at all levels, from our initial consultation to full staff training and remote monitoring. Our end-to-end approach to document and data management is designed to give you full control of your company’s knowledge transfer processes in a simple, intuitive, streamlined package.
We believe in building long-term relationships based on trust, quality of service and the provision of smart solutions.
Our Cloud Based Document Management scheme
Through our Cloud DMS, we improve the way our clients capture, store, manage and deliver business-critical information and documents. We do not have to install additional hardware or software, so upfront costs are negligible and monthly fees are very affordable.
Online Document Management through Cloud
Cloud technology is powerful and secure, providing quick, easy access to client’s data (from desktop, mobile or tablet) via a web browser. The client’s documents can be safely stored in a secure data centre with sophisticated encryption and backup routines.
Our experts attest that physical documents can be easily captured on Cloud platform, securing clients information and saving on storage space. Data can be edited, downloaded and printed from the cloud also.

Key Benefits of Cloud-Based Document Management
• Documents can be found quickly and easily
• Automate core business processes
• A central archive of data and documents
• Achieve regulatory compliance
• Inexpensive cost of ownership
• The backups is Automated
• Access on all devices; mobile and tablet
• Our experts are ready to work with any prospect. Please book for free demo.